Friday, October 31, 2014

I Really Could Use a Mannequin

Selling items online requires that we take photos of what we are selling so that the buyer can have a look. It's bad enough when you have a sub-standard camera and no decent background, but when you also have no model, the process becomes an effort in futility. Never mind that I'm getting old enough that I hate to see pictures of myself, I can't even get a good pose because I'm in front of the camera rather than behind it.


I need a mannequin. A mannequin has style. What style exactly depends on the mannequin. I think I'll invest in an artistic one without a face or hair. Something impressionistic but not abstract. I can get the pose right. I can get the drape of the clothing right. I can get the focus right. I can make the accessories look attractive to buyers.

And I can dress it up for Halloween to scare people, plant it in my home so intruders will think the house is not empty, or talk to it when I am alone -- or when I'm not alone. Everyone needs to talk things out now and then, especially with someone who is non-judgmental.

A mannequin is a good investment for Whitaker Knits. I hope my budget allows me to purchase one soon. Until then, visit and try to imagine yourself in these hand-knitted accessories.

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