Friday, October 17, 2014

Fingerless Mittens for Every Day

Those of us who have cold hands appreciate the popularity of fingerless mittens. We can work or relax and keep warm while allowing our fingers their normal dexterity. Of course, we always had the option of cutting the ends out of the fingers in our gloves (as in the movie "While You Were Sleeping"), but with hand-knit mitts we have the option of personalizing the wrist warmers to our personalities or making them match different outfits.

Whitaker Knits uses the mitts for -- what else? -- knitting. But any kind of craft can become more pleasant when you don't have cold hands. Scrapbooking, crocheting, beading can all be warmer pursuits with the help of Whitaker Knits fingerless mittens. (Baking is not recommended because of the fuzzy fibers.)

Any workplace can be unpleasant if your hands freeze all day long. If you find yourself in the bathroom warming your hands under the hot water faucet, try wearing fingerless mittens instead. Your hands will stay warm without missing a mouse click.

In this new era of cell phones, keeping our fingers free has become more important. Texting is next to impossible with our fingers encased in leather or fibers. Fingerless mittens keep our hands warm while we conduct business or socialize by mobile phone.

Sometimes it's not for warmth that wrist warmers are a good accessory, but for fashion. The mitts can dress up any outfit and add an eye-catching difference that will set your look apart from that of the crowd.
A soft, delicate yarn can even make fingerless mittens an appropriate wedding accessory, for the bride or for the bridesmaids.

During our down times when we want to relax with a good book, or a video game console, we can again do so with warm hands thanks to Whitaker Knits wrist warmers.
It's even possible to play guitar wearing wrist warmers. They can become part of  your image, like Michael Jackson's single glove.
Visit for a variety of fingerless mittens in stock and ready to ship. They are great for your own use or as gifts. They're great for Secret Santa gifts, and they fit in Christmas stockings, too. 

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