Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby Blankets and Afghans at Whitaker Knits

If you're a traditionalist, baby blankets come in one of two colors -- pink or blue. And there is a place for tradition. Certainly it's sweet to see a little baby girl in pink or a little baby boy in light blue, especially when the infants are still young enough that the color of their clothing is the only way to know if they are male of female.

But Whitaker Knits offers you the option to think outside the box and explore other color options. It's not that we think pink and blue are boring, it's just that life is more complex than that. People aren't all alike, and Whitaker Knits provides for people who are not in line with the masses.

One reason to buy a non-traditional color for baby is if you are buying for a sports fan, and by "fan" we mean fanatic. Whitaker Knits found itself with an excess of burgundy and gold yarn and created this baby afghan which is perfect for fans of the Minnesota Golden Gophers who are in our backyard as Whitaker Knits is based in Iowa.

Another option is to buy a blanket in a color that is trending, like this lime green which is seeing a resurgence with the return of 70s fashions.

Then there are colors that are always popular, like purple. Many moms grew up loving purple and must have the color for their own babies.
Sometimes it's good to go with neutral colors because the sex of the baby is not yet known. Pastels are a good choice, but creams and browns are also an option.
Visit Whitaker Knits at for more baby items. It's a great way to shop for baby showers or for that initial nursery set up. These blankets are all washable and have a long life. All items ship within 24 hours.

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