Thursday, November 6, 2014

Customer Reviews Are A Boost

Reviews are important to sellers because they allow potential customers to evaluate the seller and the products and can actually make or break a sale. But Whitaker Knits likes them for another reason. Why make a product that buyers aren't happy with? The reason for doing anything is to make the lives of those around us better, and if we can provide something for them that they absolutely love, then life is worth living. So sometimes I read the reviews simply to validate my existence.

Hufflepuff fingerless mittens:
Love love love these fingerless mittens! I recently just went to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios in Florida and bought a Hufflepuff scarf and was disappointed they didn't offer a matching hat and glove set. The scarf I bought is a much darker more muted yellow/gold and the hats and gloves they had at the park were very bright and obnoxious yellow that didn't match my scarf at all. These mittens are a VERY close match and I couldn't be happier! I also bought the Hufflepuff beanie to go with these mittens to have a matching set. They were just what I was looking for to match my scarf. ☺

Purple Mobius shawl:
Like a big, purple hug! Very warm and well made. Tight enough but not to where it constricts movement. Great purchase! Thanks so much!

Gray fingerless mittens:
Warm without being bulky or inhibiting the ability to move. Very well constructed. Fast shipping, too! Thanks so much!

Jayne-style hat:
Well and accurately made, timely processing and shipping, very comfortable.

Great quality item, the shipping was fantastic, seller posted this as quick as they could and arrived before a week was up to the UK.

A very cunning hat! Woman walks down the street in this hat, people know she ain't afraid of nothing!

Slytherin scarf
This is the second scarf I ordered and the craftsmanship is just impeccable! The scarves are warm, vibrant, and beautiful! I don't think I can ever go back to buying scarves in stores, the difference is incomparable. These are so reasonably priced for what you receive, it's DEFINITELY hands down the way to go as far as Harry Potter scarves are concerned and I will definitely recommend her. Thank you so much!!

Gryffindor scarf
This is seriously the most incredible scarf I have ever seen! It looks AMAZING!! I love it soooo much!! It actually managed to exceed my expectations and I could not be happier, I'm over the moon! It's insanely high quality and well made and I will recommend this seller to anyone who asks me where I got this fantastic scarf! :D Thank you so much!

Some of these reviews are old and there have been some price changes and style changes to make the scarves more like those seen in the Harry Potter movies, but Whitaker Knits is still dedicated to putting out a quality product at a reasonable price. Visit us at Let us make you happy.


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