Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer knitting

Hand-knit items simply don't sell well in summer. Even when Whitaker Knits attempts summer fashions, like lacy scarves or lace wrist cuffs, buyers aren't buying. Of course, our Australian friends help sales during our summer when the weather in their part of the world is colder, but the sales are few compared to sales during winter in the U. S.

So summer is a time to stock up. Whitaker Knits is preparing for the Halloween rush for Jayne Cobb hats and the Christmas demand for Harry Potter house colors.

But summer is also a time when Whitaker Knits can try new things. These hats are a result. Well-made, warm and fashionable, these hats are produced individually with a variety of yarns and patterns, making each of them unique. The diversity of items at Whitaker Knits makes it likely that buyers will find something they like. Visit Whitaker Knits at



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