Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School -- Again

It happens every August in the U. S. Students go back to school. For moms and dads with students it's a busy time. Supplies and school clothes must be purchased. Schedules must be reworked.

And with the start of school comes a change in the weather. While it may be hot for the first few weeks, fall arrives soon and temperatures cool.

Here's a new hat from Whitaker Knits that is a great fashion accessory but will also provide warmth when the time comes. These hats are great to wear simply to complete an outfit, but they'll also keep your ears warm at a football game. Wear them tight against the crown of your head or set back on your head like a slouchy hat. These hats are great for elementary school, junior high and high school and will make a positive statement on any college campus.

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