Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Hand

Whitaker Knits has a new hand on which to display its fingerless mittens, but is it better than trying to photograph my own hand, or is it just creepy?

I must admit, I was disappointed with the results of my first photos with the fake hand.

The hand doesn't make the cuffs look better, and it wasn't any easier to get the camera to focus on the mitts when they weren't on my own hand. I think I still prefer my own hand to model the mitts, though I will probably still use the new hand since I've already purchased it.

The hand may come in useful in other ways. Perhaps I can use it to play practical jokes on people. I can spice up photos of Halloween wrist warmers by having them on a hand sticking out of the trunk of a car, or underneath the tire of a car. That might go a long way with bringing in goth or steampunk customers.

Though I may not love my hand, I still love my head. That was a good purchase.

Winona Whitaker

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