Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jayne Cobb Revised

After much deliberation, Whitaker Knits has decided to change it's Jayne Cobb hat design. I am happy to offer a more authentic version of Jayne Cobb's hat from "Firefly" beginning today.

The ear flaps have been lengthened and the straps removed. The hat fits the same, but it looks more like the one Adam Baldwin wears.

The original Jayne Cobb hat by Whitaker Knits is still available if you want the ties or the other style ear flap. The other version may be preferred for children's sizes because the hat can be tied on under the child's chin. But for adults in costume, this hat may be more appealing.

Visit Whitaker Knits at for this and other hand-knitted items.

Winona Whitaker

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