Friday, April 27, 2012

Obsessed with Dragonball Evolution

Much to the chagrin of my children, I've become enamored with "Dragonball Evolution." I have no history with anime other than vague childhood memories of "Go, Speedracer." I didn't even know who Goku was prior to seeing this movie on some cable channel one Saturday. Since then, however, when I want to relax and forget the problems of the day, I put Dragonball Evolution in the DVD player and enjoy a couple of hours of B-movie magic.  

The plot really isn't bad, the acting is okay, the editing and special effects are tolerable. This is not a bad movie.It's not a cinematic masterpiece like "The Lord of the Rings," but it was never meant to be.  For me a bad movie is one that's unwatchable, like "Manos, Hands of Fate." "Dragonball" is not only watchable, but enjoyable. I find myself needing to see it, sometimes for no other reason than to get a smile from Yamcha. "Whoa, there, Jumin' Bean. One more outburst like that and I'm outta here."

It was only natural that I would want to provide fingerless mittens to other outcasts who like this movie. Voila!  Dragonball fingerless mittens by Whitaker Knits.

Whitaker Knits also has hand-knitted items for normal people, though, as Gohan says, "Normal is also over-rated." Visit


Winona Whitaker

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