Monday, August 17, 2015

First Try at Fourth's Scarf

Whitaker Knits is excited! A first effort at producing a scarf for a Fourth Doctor costume has ended well, in our opinion. A few changes will be necessary, but for the most part, this first scarf is acceptable, in our opinion. Next step: see how it's received by classic Doctor Who fans.

 This scarf will be going to my personal classic Doctor Who expert for critique. If you can't trust your brother to give you honest feedback, who can you trust?

 In the meantime, the scarf will be available for order at The scarf is not in stock, so orders could take up to four weeks to ship. The scarf is hand knit using 100% acrylic Caron Simply Soft yarn, not wool like the original. The colors are the closest available in our chosen brand and weight of yarn. This scarf is about 10 feet long but will stretch to 12 feet in very little time.

 Our first try started as a Series 12 copy, but when the scarf appeared to be getting too long, we stopped knitting at the gold stripe in the following photo.

Baker appears to be wearing a Series 13 scarf here. That's what Whitaker Knits will be making and selling. It's not official. It's a copy, a knock-off, a replica for fans who like to dress up and play Doctor.

 It took time, it took research, it took a lot of stitches, but the scarf is finally finished. And it makes us smile. We hope Whovians will appreciate the effort.

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