Friday, July 17, 2015

It's About Time I Made A Fourth-Doctor Scarf

I've been thinking about it for quite some time, but that's a lot of yarn to buy, those are a lot of colors to match, and the market is already saturated. Still, you can't be a fan of the Doctor and not make a 12-foot scarf.

I'm not concerned about the actual knitting. It's a simple garter stitch with slipped edges. And even though the scarf is excessively long, it's worked in a garter stitch,  not a cable stitch or Fair Isle pattern; it can be produced fairly quickly despite its length. To help those of us who haven't extensively researched Baker's years as the Doctor, there are numerous patterns online showing what colors go where and how thick each band of color should be. The above photo alone is a great help to making a replica that will satisfy fans of cos play.

The biggest problem is yarn selection. Finding all the right colors in one brand of yarn is impossible, but getting the weights of different brands of yarn to match is also nearly impossible. I'm opting for getting the closest colors I can find in one brand of yarn. I'd rather have colors that are slightly off than to have some stripes slightly thicker than others because the thickness of the yarns differs.

My favorite yarn is Caron Simply Soft. It's a light worsted weight and very soft. It's acrylic rather than wool so it's not itchy. It has a good color selection though some of the colors may not match exactly the wool that was knitted for Tom Baker in the 1970s. But let's be honest, the yarn used in Baker's scarf has probably not been available for years. Things evolve.

The idea is to create something close enough to the original that the fans are excited to wear it. If they want to be the Doctor, I want to make something that will help them feel like the Doctor. It won't be exact --  this is, after all, fantasy. But Whitaker Knits will produce a scarf that, with a little imagination, will make anyone a Time Lord.

Visit to order your Fourth-Doctor Scarf. Available soon.

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