Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Knitting images

Sometimes when you buy an item you want it to reflect who you are. It's not just the color or the stitch that interests you, but an image on the hat, scarf or mittens that makes the item distinctly yours. Whitaker Knits has had its share of such requests.

The process is more time-consuming, especially if the image is one that Whitaker Knits hasn't done before. In that case a graph of the image has to be made before knitting can begin. Then the proper weight of yarn and the right size of needles have to be determined through trial and error so the image will have the correct length-to-width ratio.

The finished product, however, can be very rewarding, and customers of Whitaker Knits are generally happy with the results.

The process is called intarsia and involves changing yarn colors in the area of the image only as opposed to carrying two or three colors of yarn across the back of the garment as with Fair Isle patterns.

This maple leaf mitt required little planning on the part of Whitaker Knits because the image was already charted in a knitting magazine.


This Horde image, however, was a challenge when a buyer requested it a couple of years ago because Whitaker Knits had to create the image on paper and experiment with needle sizes, and that was after looking up the image online because of a lack of knowledge of what the Horde image actually was or referred to. The customer was happy with the results, and if the customer is happy, Whitaker Knits is happy.

This Washington hat probably has Trademark infringement issues. The NCAA is pretty picky about things like this, but it slipped our minds at the time because the customer was our concern. School colors are not usually an issue, but logos are protected. Still, the photo proves that Whitaker Knits can create a monogram for personalized items if a customer requests it.

This paw-print baby blanket was not a customer request but a Whitaker Knits idea for a baby gift. The paw print pattern is from a knitting magazine, but the placement is a Whitaker Knits original. 

Words are the easiest images to knit into an item because letters are easy to graph. This blanket was made for family, not for sale.

Personalized items always take more time, but if you have the time to wait and are comfortable with a finished product that is attractive but not exactly what you envisioned, a personalized item could produce that "Eureka!" moment you are looking for.
Contact Whitaker Knits at www.etsy.com/shop/whitakerknits if you have a request. If we aren't up to the task, we'll let you know.

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