Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thinking Ahead

Christmas is four weeks away, but for online sellers only two to three weeks are left in the holiday shopping season. Spontaneity is not a bad thing in some cases, but shopping online requires some thinking ahead.

Whitaker Knits has all it's items in stock, so you don't have to add the time it takes to make the item into your lead time, but shipping is uncertain, especially this time of year. We can ship within 24 hours, but the postal service has to have time to drive the item to its destination, and it has to have room on the trucks for everything that is being shipped or items can get bumped to the next truck.

Overseas orders are even worse. Whitaker Knits has had items reach addresses in the U. K. in seven days or less, but you can't count on that. Anyone outside the U. S. ordering from Whitaker Knits should place that order within the next few days to assure Christmas delivery.

Inside the U. S. delivery usually takes two to three days, but Whitaker Knits would advise five to seven days this time of year, just to be safe.

There are advantages to ordering online if you are a plan-ahead kind of person. You can shop at your leisure. You can shop while watching the big game or that traditional holiday movie. You can shop at 1 a.m. when you can't sleep or at 3 a.m. when Jake at State Farm is taking calls from men with jealous wives who can't sleep.

And Whitaker Knits is a great place to shop for those people who always puzzle you. What would the person who has everything appreciate? A pair of hand-knit fingerless mittens? How about that person at the office whom you barely know? A hand-knit scarf? A slouchy hat?

Filling stockings? Scarves won't fit, but mittens and hats are great additions to the candy and fruit already in the sock. And all Whitaker Knits items are functional. Anyone can use a hat or fingerless mittens.

Visit today to assure that your hand-knit gift will be ready for giving when you need it. Happy holidays.

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