Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scented Yarns and Fashion Scarves

A new trend in yarns is lightly scented fibers which Whitaker Knits has used to make some beautiful, delicate lace scarves for spring and summer. The yarns are great for knitting cachets, but any item can act as a cachet when it is made with scented yarn. These scarves provide a light perfume when worn, and, when put away, make the drawer or closet smell pleasant. This particular brand of yarn is 100% cotton.

Lace scarves are also lovely in variegated yarns. These yarns are not scented but bring a feminine look to any fashion. The scarves are nearly 72 inches (182 cm) long and can be wrapped several times around the neck. The yarn is 100% cotton,  and the scarves are machine washable. 

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