Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Leg Warmers and boot toppers at Whitaker Knits

As accessories become popular, Whitaker Knits adds items to its inventory. Sometimes it's the choice of Whitaker Knits, and other times it's at the request of buyers. Recently a customer requested leg warmers and boot toppers in the colors of Ravenclaw House from the Harry Potter books. What could we do but comply?

These boot toppers, though not in stock at the moment, will become available in all Hogwarts house colors before the Northern Hemisphere winter begins.

The leg warmers, as well, will be available come fall in the U.S. We're sure they will look better with jeans and booties than with shorts and flats. 

Visit to check for these new items. Or place an order for a custom item and Whitaker Knits will make it as soon as possible. 

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