Thursday, December 18, 2014

After-Christmas Sale

As is the case with many businesses, Whitaker Knits has most of its sales during the Christmas season. That's over now for those of us in the mail-order industry. It's difficult to guarantee delivery by Christmas with the volume of packages going out today and only four delivery days left in the U.S. before Christmas.

So what do businesses do with the leftover stock? We put it on sale. Whitaker Knits will offer 20% off of anything in stock on Christmas day only. It's a great way to get useful hand-knitted accessories at a low price while digesting that Christmas dinner, or while others are taking that after-meal nap, or when that harmless holiday game gets a little too competitive. Simply use the coupon code SANTASALE when you check out.

Whitaker Knits has reluctantly become a specialty shop, selling mostly Harry Potter colors and Jayne Cobb styles, but we have a lot more to offer, accessories for all walks of life. Check out our stock at and visit us Christmas day for great deals.





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