Friday, November 29, 2013

Not Just a Specialty Shop

Whitaker Knits has been at since July of 2009 and has sold nearly 1200 items in that time. (Visit  But in the course of business, Whitaker Knits has become a specialty shop, selling over 300 hats that resemble Jayne Cobb's

and hundreds of hats, scarves and fingerless mittens in the colors of the Hogwarts Houses in the Harry Potter series.

But Whitaker Knits also offers fingerless mittens in other colors, Mobius shawls and baby afghans. A new item this year is a short fashion scarf knitted at a slant in variegated yarn.

Whitaker Knits loves it's geek customers, but it would also like to welcome non-geeks to the Whitaker Knits world. Check us out at


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