Friday, September 7, 2012

Wear Your Team Colors

Fall is my favorite time of year. It brings a sense of renewal, which makes no sense because it's the time of year when everything is dying. While the leaves are falling with the temperatures, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier encouraging us to prepare for winter sleep, I feel like a new year is beginning. Maybe it's because fall is when the new school year begins. Or maybe it's football.

And I don't mean football, although I greatly respect our European, Asian, South American and African friends who kick the round ball. I mean football (which, according to history, is one of many types of football, like rugby, so called because it is played on foot rather than on horseback) with the oblong pigskin, pads and helmets, rushing and passing, field goals and touchdowns. Football brings new life to the weary soul.

So while you've got football on your mind, take a gander at Whitaker Knits (you knew there had a be a sales pitch in here somewhere) for hats and fingerless mittens in your team's colors. A Hawkeye fan, I'm most familiar with Big Ten colors, but those colors are repeated in the NFL and the English Premiere League. A Wisconsin Badgers hat works just as well for a fan of Manchester United. Penn State fingerless mittens can keep a Dallas Cowboys fan warm just as well.  

The colors of the Hogwarts Houses are popular, but these colors are the same as the colors of numerous sports teams. Just because the hat is listed for Gryffindor fans doesn't mean you can't buy it to wear to Minnesota football games. Hufflepuff hats and mittens will be just as fashionable at Purdue or Mizzou.

If Whitaker Knits doesn't have your team's colors, send me a message and I'll work something out for you. 

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