Thursday, April 19, 2012

House Colors at Hogwarts

Whitaker Knits provides many items for fans of the Harry Potter books and movies.The biggest sellers at this Etsy shop are hats, scarves, and fingerless mittens in the colors of the Hogwarts Houses.

I'll even make Ravenclaw items in book colors. Several customers  have preferred that combination of colors.

The difficulty in knitting fan items is in finding the right colors. These wrist warmers are knitted in different brands of yarn because no one brand met the color needs for all of the house colors. Ravenclaw and Slytherin items are knitted in Caron Simply Soft yarn which is a little thinner than the Red Heart yarn used for Gryffindor or Vanna's Choice used for Hufflepuff. Consequently, the stripes line up a little differently on the hand.

Colors can also vary from one material to another, so many Gryffindor items in the movie seem to be different colors. Sometimes Gryffindor seems to use cranberry -- more red -- like Harry's Quidditch uniform.  Other times it looks burgandy -- more purple -- like the first-year scarves. Whitaker Knits has done it's best to use colors that are close to what is shown in at least one of the movies.

Check out the matching mittens, hats and scarves at knits.

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